4 Healthy Smoothies to Keep You Energized During Finals Week

Fruit smoothies to keep you energized during finals week.

Stressing over final exams? Wish the notes you were studying would just fall into your brain?

Finals week is never easy but staying energized, while living in sweatpants, is key to pulling it off with success.

These 4 fruit smoothies off the cafe’s menu are a healthy alternative to running on pure caffeine. Blend them to stay nourished and feel energized, without the jitters, while studying!

Breakfast Smoothie

Start the day off right with this Oatmeal Blueberry Smoothie.

Healthy breakfast smoothie for college

This filling smoothie has vast amounts of healthy fiber and protein to keep embarrassing stomach grumbles from distracting you while at the library or writing a morning exam.

Midday Energy Boost Smoothie

The only way to combat midday fatigue without using temporary stimulants like Red Bull and coffee is to get plenty of rest and eat properly. A midday nap may not be possible but eating properly is simple with this 3 ingredient fruit smoothie.

Energizing Fruit Smoothie for College

This Orange-Mango and Avocado Smoothie provides an instant energy boost! At the same time it’ll curb a sweet tooth craving, provide 100% of your body’s vitamin C needs for the day and keep you feeling full for hours. It’ll also give you a brain freeze if consumed too quickly…be careful.

Replenish Smoothie

Force your poor brain to go 5 hours straight reviewing notes and it’s going to stop retaining information. It’s good to break up study sessions with an activity that allows your mind to rest and soak in all that information. I found an hour work-out made a huge difference in my ability to focus afterwards.

Workout Recovery Smoothie for College

If you go the workout route, replace the lost energy from your efforts by drinking a Strawberry Almond Recovery Smoothie before hitting the books again. It contains all natural ingredients to replenish lost nutrients your body needs to recover fast!

Escape Smoothie

Blend this tropical Banana Coconut Smoothie when you need a temporary escape from the books, papers and looking at your tangled hair. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re being pampered, sitting poolside, at an island resort!

easy tropical smoothie recipe for college

And when your exams are done add a splash of Malibu rum to this smoothie and celebrate!

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P.S. Here are Two More Healthy Smoothie Recipes you’ll find at the cafe to keep you energized! ⇓

Morning Superfood Smoothie

Morning Superfood Smoothie

To get your daily veggies in a tasty way. Click the pic ⇑ for the recipe.

3 Ingredient Energizing Smoothie

Blueberry Blast Smoothie

The Red Bull of smoothies – without the Red Bull.  This smoothie, plus 10 more recipes, are included in the Cafe’s Free Digital Cup of Recipes.

Brent Garell testing the food at College Recipe CafeBrent Garell – Brent is the guy behind College Recipe Cafe, and author of The Cook-a-Palooza Experience.  He visits local colleges to teach students cooking 101 skills, and is the author of the digital cookbook 15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students: Cup of Recipes for When You Need for NOW! Available now on Amazon.

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