Whether you are living (or about the to live) the dream at college or university, or have entered the extra busy stage of life beyond campus, College Recipe Cafe has you covered for cooking ridiculously delicious food that’s a piece of cake to make!

Hi, I’m Brent “RonJoe” Garell – owner of the this small piece of online real estate. Instead of serving pastries and sweets, I like to take easy ho-hum recipes – add one or two ingredients to give them a healthy spin – and breathe new life into those old standbys.

What I love best, is serving my favorite recipes to you so you can take each one into your crib’s kitchen to make it your own!

Every Tuesday, you’ll find a fresh new recipe posted here at CollegeRecipeCafe.com.

On Wednesday’s, look for a new video on the College Recipe Cafe YouTube Channel.

Do you hang out on Instagram? Follow @collegerecipecafe  for tasty updates each week. You’ll also find the cafe on Pinterest and Facebook.

To keep up to date with all that’s happening at the cafe (and get inside recipes, tips and tricks to become one skilled shiznit in the kitchen) grab the weekly updates. They come with a bunch of free digital cooking swag.

My favorite thing about running this online cafe is connecting with you! My twitter handle is @CollegeRCafe…my email is brent at collegerecipecafe dot com, and my cooking motto is “HAVE FUN”!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Laura k says:

    Hi, have you thought of writing a cookbook for young adults 20 to 30 yrs of age? I have looked all over and have not found something simple. There is a man a can a plan version but it has so many unhealthy recipes. I have two boys that need a lot of basic instruction and pictures to complete recipes. What I have been looking for are easy recipes with common ingredients and lots of pictures. LK

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