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Whether you are living (or about the to live) the dream at college or university, or have entered the extra busy stage of life beyond campus, College Recipe Cafe has you covered for cooking ridiculously delicious eats that are a piece of cake to make!

But first things first. The food has to be flavorful, right? That’s why this guide is a good place to start! 👇

With this free guide, you get the inside scoop about how those people you know, know exactly what to add to make food taste extra delicious.

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We’ll also keep you updated on new recipes so your blood isn’t 95% instant noodles while at college (or beyond).

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Brent Garell testing the food at College Recipe Cafe

Hi I’m Brent, owner of this small piece of online real estate. That’s me stuffing my face.

I love to explore bold ways to get the most from the ingredients you (and I) already have. I invite you to check out the Café’s menu and our freebies for sampling our updates. Have a question about a recipe, our care packages, or partnering with the Cafe? Contact me: brent @ collegerecipecafe . com.