healthy breakfast ideas

3 Healthy Breakfasts for Your Busiest Mornings (15 minutes or less) 
Three Quick and easy breakfasts to get out the door on time in the morning well fed
Banana-Nutella Filled French Toast (30 minutes or less) 
Make regular French Toast taste ridiculously delicious by filling it with Nutella and potassium-rich banana slices.
Breakfast Waffle Sandwich (10 minutes) 
Start the day soundly with this quick breakfast sandwich!
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (3 minutes) 
WIN with this hot breakfast in the morning!
Beer Berry Muffins (30 minutes)
What better way to bake muffins than with a fruit flavored beer!
Coffee Mug Ham and Cheese Microwave Omelet (10 minutes)
Eat as is OR put on a bagel for a sandwich on-the-go!
Tex-Mex Egg McMuffin (10 minutes)
Leftover taco meat, Tex-Mex cheese and salsa put the traditional Egg McMuffin to shame.
Peaches and Cream Oatmeal (5 minutes)
For when fresh juicy peaches are in season!
Pepperoni Pizza Omelette (15 minutes)
Get your next day morning pizza fix with a protein rich omelette.
Yogurt Fruit Salad (5 minutes)
Sliced fruit on a bed of strawberry yogurt topped with Captain Crunch.

smoothie recipes for college

Sun-Kissed Ginger-Mint Iced Tea (5 to 10 minutes)
Best for: A hot and sunny summer day
Orange-Avocado Fruit Smoothie (5 minutes)
Possible performance-enhancing benefits…the jury is still out.
Extra Thick, Guilt Free Chocolate Smoothie (5 minutes)
Healthy way to satisfy a chocolate craving.
Banana Coconut Smoothie (5 minutes)
For when you need a drink that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.
Summertime Fruit Smoothie (5 minutes)
Tropical fruit blended into healthy smoothie for summer!
Orange-Mango and Avocado Smoothie (5 minutes)
Healthy and energizing fruit smoothie.
Oatmeal Blueberry Smoothie (5 minutes)
A thick nutritious smoothie that’ll keep you feeling full for hours.
Strawberry Almond Smoothie (5 minutes)
A post workout smoothie to boost the benefits of your efforts.

easy college sandwich and wrap recipes

Cheese and Refried Bean Quesadillas (15 minutes)
Melted cheese, refried beans and enchillada sauce in a crispy quesadilla.
Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joe Sandwich (15 minutes)
Tasty alternative to traditional Sloppy Joe’s.
B.L.T Wraps with Buffalo Avocado Sauce (25 minutes)
YES….it’s GOOD!
Strawberry and Nutella Cream Cheese Sandwich (5 minutes)
5 Ingredient Sloppy Joe Sandwich (10 minutes)
Ground beef is tossed with green chilies, brown sugar and pizza sauce to make this tasty filling!
Grilled Blueberry and Peach Sandwich (10 minutes)
Breakfast for dinner sandwich.
Grilled Nutella, Banana and Marshmallow Sandwich (10 minutes)
A grilled sandwich filled with sliced banana, nutella, chocolate sauce and melted marshmallows.
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Lettuce and Tomato on a Toasted Bagel (5 minutes)
Creamy roasted red pepper hummus spread on a toasted bagel and topped with lettuce and ripe tomato.
Ham, Cheese and Apple Mustard Sandwich (11 minutes)
Open face ham and cheese sandwich with apple mustard sauce.
Half the Mayo Tuna Fish Sandwich (8 minutes)
Healthy tuna fish sandwich that tastes like it was made in a deli.
Sweet Potato Quesadillas (14 minutes)
A finger licking good quesadilla with a healthy sweet potato and cheese filling!
Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Cheese (11 minutes)
A grilled cheese with healthy sweet roasted red bell peppers.
Turkey Burritos (15 minutes)
Make with leftover turkey or chicken!
Vegetable Spring Roll Wraps (5 minutes)
Healthy vegetable wraps made with broccoli slaw.

easy soup and salad recipes for college

Spring Mix Salad (10 minutes)
Vibrant, healthy, insanely appetizing, and can be made in minutes.
Minestrone Soup (15 minutes)
A satisfying and filling pasta and vegetable soup. No chopping required.
Creamy Corn Chowder (25 minutes)
Creamy vegetable chowder topped with crispy oven-baked fries.
3 Ways to Turn Canned Soup into a Satisfying Meal
Recipes for Tortellini Tomato Soup, Broccoli-Mushroom Soup and Asian-Inspired Chicken Noodle Soup.
Fresh and Light Tuna Salad (10 minutes)
A healthy lunch or light dinner.
Wedge Salad with Crispy Bacon (15 minutes)
No salad spinner or chopping required.

College Recipe Cafe

Nacho Hummus Dip
(5 minutes)

A sneaky way to make chickpeas taste REALLY good!!!  
Pocket Size Cinnamon Apple Muffins
(30+ minutes)

Pack one in your pocket or purse for a healthy midday snack
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries (30 minutes)
Healthy way to satisfy a craving for fries.
Buttery Parmesan & Oregano Popcorn (6 minutes)
Movie night is going to rock with this popcorn!
Black Bean and Olive Nacho Cheese Dip (25 minutes)
Oven baked nacho cheese dip topped with black beans and olives.
Caramel Candy Popcorn (15 minutes)
Popcorn topped with a sweet candy-coated caramel topping.
Final Four Pizza Fun-Due (10 minutes)
Cheesy pizza fondue sauce with breads stick and bell pepper dippers.
Homemade Salsa...(8 minutes)
Homemade salsa you can make in minutes.

easy pizza and pasta recipes for college

Cheese & Spinach Lasagna Rolls (20 minutes)
A classy college dinner that’s easy to make.
Thin Crust Presto Pizza Mia (20 minutes)
Homemade thin crust ham and pineapple pizza.
Alfredo Pasta with Red Peppers and Peas (20 minutes)
Creamy Alfredo pasta with roasted red peppers and sweet peas.
Tortellini Pizza Bake (25 minutes)
Baked tortellini with pizza sauce, pepperoni and melted cheese.

Dinner Recipes

Teriyaki Beef and Vegetable Kebabs ( 30+ minutes to  prep.)
Make ’em fancy or fast!
Mexicana Chili ( 20 minutes to  prep.)
Make a big BATCH of this chili in the slow cooker to enjoy all week!
Chop-Free Teriyaki Vegetable Stir-Fry (10 minutes)
A sweet and spicy stir-fry prepared without having to lift a knife.
Chili Chicken Stew (20 minutes)
A lean home cooked style meal in less than 20 minutes.
Peanut Chicken Ramen (20 minutes)
Ramen noodles and chicken in an easy to make peanut sauce.
Fried Ramen with Asparagus (7 minutes)
Chicken flavored Ramen never tasted so good with asparagus and lemon juice.
Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins (10 minutes)
Nutritious comfort food at your finger-tips.

Easy college dessert recipes

Chocolate Strawberry Muffins (30 minutes)
Love at first bite!
Caramel Berry Napoleons (5 minutes)
A quick low-fat dessert with Greek yogurt, berries and caramel sauce.
Greek Yogurt and Mango with Lime Sugar (5 minutes)
Sweet fruit dessert topped with creamy Greek yogurt.
Waffles with Spiced Caramelized Apples and Ice Cream (10 minutes)
A quick and easy dessert or sweet weekend breakfast.
Snack Pack Chocolate Mocha Mousse (5 minutes)
An easy way to turn a snack pack into a fancy dessert.
Avocado Delight (5 minutes)
Healthy avocado topped with light whipped cream, caramel chips and chocolate chips.
Cream Cheese and Jam Chimichangas (7 minutes)
Easy way to turn a dorm room snack into a gourmet dessert.

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