10 Quick and Easy Recipes to Start Cooking from Scratch

A Complimentary Cup of Recipes (brewed for College Recipe Cafe Subscribers), to start your cooking journey – with “less mess” to clean-up afterwards!

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What it Includes:

  • 3 important pieces of cookware to consider before you begin your cooking journey.
  • How to dice an onion in under a minute with no tears.
  • An easy short-cut to make single-serve garlic bread (to go with your pasta dinner) in seconds.
  • Why a spoon is sometimes better than a knife at peeling fruit.
  • 10 simple and straight-forward “less mess” recipes where only one pan,  a bowl, or a blender is good enough to cook delectable food to keep you well-fed!
3 Dishes from College Recipe Cafe's Free Cup of Recipes

It’s all included – straight-forward recipe solutions for the busiest days, easy clean-up, a primer to essential cookware, and simple hacks that will make you feel like a chef!!!

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