A freshly brewed cup of 10 easy recipes and simple hacks to fill your plate with something good!

What It Includes:

10 simple and straight-forward recipes where all you need is a pan, a bowl, or a blender. Plus how to:

  • Dice an Onion with No Tears.
  • Make Single-Serve Garlic Bread in Seconds.
  • Essential Cooking Gear

In other words, a bold blend of ways to eat well when short on time!

3 Dishes from College Recipe Cafe's Free Cup of Recipes

Served with:

  • Flavor Guide To Plate More Morsels of Pleasantness
  • A Checklist For Zen-Like Calm When Cooking

We call it our What’s For Dinner 101 Starter Kit. It is our small way of saying “Thank You” for sampling the Café’s Free Flavor Updates. Cheers!

Success! You're in!

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