15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students Book Release

My new cookbook 15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students goes on sale today! If you’re even vaguely considering getting a copy, but are on the fence, this post provides the skinny on what you’ll find inside. Then you can see if this book is for you. Deal?

15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students

The Cookbook I Would Have Given Myself for College

When I moved off-campus at university my mom gave me this 300-plus page cookbook.

my first cookbook for college

Her intentions were good and it’s a great cookbook. I’ve used it plenty since graduating.

It just wasn’t geared to what I needed as a student. At the time, cooking was new to me and I was just looking for easy food ideas other than pizza pockets and Mr. Noodles. I needed the condensed ghetto version of this cookbook my Mom gave me.

However, if you pulled it apart, removed the recipes that took longer than 15 minutes to prepare, highlighted the 5 to 10 minute meal ideas (for days when food is needed NOW) and left a few recipes for special occasions, like date night, it would’ve been perfect! Oh yeah, it needed more pictures. I like to have a visual idea of what I’m attempting to cook.

In short, it’s what you’ll find inside 15-Minute Money-Saving Meals for Students.

Bonus Inside

This book also contains a page that addresses two other obstacles I struggled with as student living off-campus. Deciding what to eat every day AND lugging heavy bags home from the grocery store.

Meal plan chart from 15 Minute Money-Saving Meals for Students

I included the money-saving meal chart to help solve both these dilemmas. It sorts the recipes into three meal plans to provide a road map of what to eat for 3-weeks. Rotate through it six or seven times and you won’t have to think about what to eat for dinner for an ENTIRE semester!

And when you break down the cost of ingredients, all five meals combined under each plan can be made for around $15. Not too shabby considering I received a coupon from a fast food place bragging about a single $4.99 meal deal with zero leftovers.

The real bonus is many of the recipes use similar ingredients. Gives you a chance to use them before they spoil and THAT’S one less trip to the grocery store.

Where Can I Get it?

At the moment you can buy it on Amazon for the price of a regular coffee and muffin. One those generously-size muffins with an over-arching top!

15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students on Amazon

There will be more format options added in the coming weeks. Again, you don’t need to own a kindle device to read it. You can get the free kindle reader here:

Kindle for Mac: http://amzn.to/13QFxwr
Kindle for PC: http://amzn.to/12C5xMz

My Plea

If you are thinking about getting the book, this is the time. My hope is it will be seen by more students (and parents) so they can pair their college journey with a cookbook that meets their needs. Thank you for supporting me. More so, supporting your own fitness and financial well-being. Let’s go cook!

Hashtag reference: #moneysavingeats

15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students

Click on the Book Cover to Go to Amazon and Peek Inside!

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