10 Minute Cheese Omelette Quesadilla

10 Minute Omelet Quesadilla

10 Minute Cheese Omelette Quesadilla

There were times during my journey of higher learning when my food pyramid looked like this.

college food pyramid

Peanut butter, nutella and mayo sandwiches? What? Exactly. I didn’t expect anything in return from these quick meals, which is good because nutritionally they weren’t offering much. Since then I’ve learned a quick meal can be good for you and doesn’t have to come from a package.

Redefining “Quick Meals”

How about we redefine the term “quick meals” to mean real food we make at a seemingly impossible speed. It may sound crazy but in this video we do just that.

We start by cooking a basic omelet made with eggs, cheese and green onions. Then we grab a few familiar stand-by ingredients to upgrade our minimalist omelet into a flavorful and filling quesadilla. And, we do it all in under 10 minutes. Nine minutes and 21 seconds to be exact – but who’s counting.

Cheese Omelet Quesadilla recipe from 15 Minute money saving meals for students

If you are unable to see the video above you’ll be able to see it here on YouTube

Want Even More Speedy Meal Ideas?

15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students

Here’s a challenge. Set aside 15 minutes one day this week to prepare the Cheese Omelet Quesadilla shown in the video. Once you’ve eaten it ask yourself:

  • Do I feel good about what I prepared?
  • Does it make me feel in control about what I eat?
  • Do I feel energized or like I have a hangover?

Take it a step further and schedule 15 minutes three days the following week to cook your own quick meals. See what that does for your fitness, focus and bank account.

For recipe ideas, there’s Pinterest, the cafe’s recipe menu and my new book 15-Minute Money Saving Meals for Students.

The book isn’t free like the first two options but it’ll save you search time and the recipes will ensure you succeed!

Copies are now available on Amazon.

Video Notes

  • If you happen to find egg-shell bits in the bowl after cracking your eggs, here’s the perfect tool for nabbing them.
  • If you’d like a written copy of this recipe, contact me and let me know where to send it.

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