College Recipe Cafe

Whether you are at college, recently graduated, or simply hungry, here at College Recipe Cafe we serve you a bold blend of flavorful ways to make delicious EATS – using ingredients you already have.

Hi, I’m Brent Garell – owner of this small piece of online real estate.

I’m a big believer in using cooking as a means to waste less food, waste less money, and cut back on wasteful packaging.

This is the problem we want to solve at the Cafe by breaking down what is possible to make – even if all you find in your fridge is a half-filled Tupperware container of leftover taco meat.

To never miss a thing, try our bi-weekly updates – comes with a FREE Cup Of Recipes on the side!

Get the updates here.

And always feel free to contact me. I’m here to answer your questions!

My email is brent at collegerecipecafe dot com.

You will also find the Cafe on Instagram, Facebook Pinterest and YouTube.

No matter where we connect, I look forward to connecting with you! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Laura k says:

    Hi, have you thought of writing a cookbook for young adults 20 to 30 yrs of age? I have looked all over and have not found something simple. There is a man a can a plan version but it has so many unhealthy recipes. I have two boys that need a lot of basic instruction and pictures to complete recipes. What I have been looking for are easy recipes with common ingredients and lots of pictures. LK

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