Favorite Study Snack for Final Exams ~ Look In the Fridge Friday

Favorite study snack for finals week

When studying for exams, I found it much easier when I had something to munch on in front of me.

Baby carrots, a banana, apple or a bag of raw almonds (and plenty of water) filled the hunger void and kept me going at the library.

Popcorn is what I snacked on most when studying in my room but cheese and crackers were my absolute favorite!

And if you look in the fridge, for one more ingredient, you can turn cheese and crackers into a heavenly study snack I call Cracker Marmellata e Formaggio Panino.

Look in the Fridge for…

Grape Jam, secret ingredient for awesome cheese and crackers

The combination of firm salty cheese and juicy sweet grapes is divine! The crunch of a whole grain cracker makes them taste even better together!

Fresh grapes may not behave between two crackers but grape jam does.

How to Make

Good snack for final exam studying!

Simply spread 1/2 tablespoon of grape jam (or your favorite fruit jam) on one side of each whole grain cracker.

Quick snack for final exams

Lay Marble, Colby jack or American cheese on top.

Snack to eat while reviewing notes for final exams

Place the second cracker, jam side down, on top.

Snack for finals week

When asked what you’re snacking on while reviewing your notes (or someone else’s), be sure to say…

“It’s a Cracker Marmellata (short pause) e Formaggio (again, short pause) Panino.”

More fun than saying cheese and crackers. Good luck with studying and taking those tests!

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