Cooking 101: 4 Easy Ways to Peel Fresh Garlic

4 Easy Ways to Peel Fresh Garlic

As a student I often used garlic powder to make garlic bread or bump up the flavor of a store-bought pasta sauce. The trouble is, if you mistakenly add too much garlic powder it’ll make the entire dish taste like a clove of garlic.

The great thing about cooking with fresh garlic is it’s more forgiving to cook with. It’s not as potent as garlic powder, can be added to recipes in a variety of ways and won’t accidentally spill out of a container and ruin the food you’ve spent time preparing.

Yes you have to go through the trouble of peeling the cloves but it’s fairly easy to do if you use one of these four methods.

Smash It

Good for: When you want to chop or mince garlic without having to search for a garlic press. Forget it if: You want to peel the clove without crushing it.

How to Peel Garlic Using the Side of a Chef's Knife

Lay the blade of a chef’s knife flat on a clove of garlic with the sharp edge of the blade pointing away from you and slightly down. Hit the side of the knife with your hand. When you lift the blade you’ll notice the papery skin comes off easily.

Roll It

Good for: When you want to peel the clove without crushing it. Forget it if: You have lots of garlic to peel.

How to Peel Fresh Garlic Using the Palms of Your Hands

Place a clove of garlic between the palms of your hands. Roll it vigorously back and forth. The friction will cause the papery skin to fall away.

Shake It

Good for: Peeling 3 or more cloves at once. Forget it if: You’re a light or slow shaker.

How to Peel Fresh Garlic by Shaking It

Place the cloves of garlic in a Tupperware container. Cover with the lid and shake it like crazy until the papery skin falls off each of the cloves.

Press It

Good for: Mincing garlic quickly and building forearm muscles. Forget it if: You don’t have a garlic press or despise cleaning it. 

How to Peel Fresh Garlic using a Garlic Press

Place an unpeeled clove of garlic in a garlic press. Give it a squeeze. The freshly minced garlic will come through the holes at the bottom and the papery skin will be left behind in the press.

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