Four Basic Baking Plays To Better Baked Goods

None of us here at the Café proclaim to be top notch bakers. But we have learned four basic baking plays that will help any aspiring baker get better results when baking – with fewer fumbles along the way.

Baking Play #1

An wise egg farmer once told a celebrity chef that if you don’t want small fragments of egg shell in your mixing bowl, the key move is to crack your eggs on a flat surface (like your cutting board) instead of on the edge of a bowl. True story.

Baking Play #2

Like a lot of other new-ish bakers, I would often use a wooden spoon when mixing the dry ingredients to make the Cafe’s pound cake or banana bread recipe. But then a savvy baker taught me that that if you want the dry ingredients to combine more evenly, the better play is to mix them using a whisk.

Baking Play #3

Maybe you have felt the temptation to use a measuring cup like an ice cream scoop to scoop flour out of the bag or tin. Turns out that scooping can cause the flour to get packed inside the measuring cup, which could cause you to add more flour than the recipe requires. The smarter play is to scoop the flour into the measuring cup using a spoon.

Baking Play #4

Baking is based on formulas, so don’t be like us and get lazy when measuring ingredients. The right play when baking is to measure ingredients accurately – without spilling any excess in the mixing bowl.

Happy baking!

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