6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Cook With at College: College Cooking Secret #7

6 Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

Any adventure can be scary at first. But once you get comfortable with the surroundings it becomes second nature. Cooking with spices is no different. The more you cook with them the more you’ll become familiar with which ones to use and figure out how much is too much or too little.

Here are 6 versatile herbs and spices to consider having on hand at college. Choose ones that fit with the foods you enjoy eating and use them to add adventurous flavor to your meals!

Dried Oregano

6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

This inexpensive and versatile herb has a bold earthy flavor that works well in sauces for pizza and pasta. It also a great addition to meals made with ground beef such as chili or a sloppy joe sandwich!

Dried Basil

6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

Dried basil works well in combination with oregano in tomato-based Italian sauces. You can also grow fresh basil successfully indoors in a small pot placed on a windowsill. Delicious in a salad with mozzarella cheese and chicken!

Ground Cinnamon

6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

Ahh…the familiar scent of cinnamon and it’s wonderful flavor! Sprinkle on oatmeal, toast, waffles, squash based soups, and just about anything topped with whipped cream!


6 Versatile Herbs and Spices for Students at College

You can buy ground ginger or purchase it fresh. I prefer fresh ginger because it offers a more natural flavor than what comes in a plastic bag. I’ll make your stir-fry sauce pop, and your soups and teas more aromatic and soothing.

Chili Powder

6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

Plan on making chili? You’ll want to have this spice. It also adds spicy zest to saucy dishes like those prepared in a slow cooker.

Salt and Pepper

6 Versatile Herbs and Spices to Cook with at College

Two seasoning staples! Salt rounds out flavors and enhances them while pepper adds a slight bit of spiciness.

TIP: Purchase spices loose or in a refill bag. They’re cheaper than those sold in a jar. Simply store them in airtight containers to keep fresh. I use small jars from the dollar store.

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