Cooking Prep Checklist for Recipe Success

The simple solution to avoid unexpected hiccups in the kitchen.

Checklist to avoid common cooking hiccups when preparing a recipe.

Have you ever been mid-way through a recipe and noticed that you mistakenly missed an ingredient or skipped a step? 🤔

Airline pilots use a checklist to ensure there is less chance we have to scream in terror at any point during our flight.

A cooking prep checklist accomplishes the same goal: a zen-like journey towards delicious eats!

Things To Include On Your Cooking Prep Checklist

Pre-Cooking Check

Counter-top and stove-top clutter-free – attempting to cook around the clutter is like trying to move heavy furniture are shoes on the flour

“Do your best” approach – aiming to create an exact replica of a photo-shopped picture isn’t worth the stress.

Kitchen bar mop available to wipe countertops – to reduce use of paper towels and be nice to trees. 🌲

Before Turning On The Heat

Read recipe from beginning to end – to avoid surprises.

Cooking tools within reach or easy to access – because searching during cooking is no fun.

✅ Ingredients gathered – hint: use your baking sheet.

✅ Substitutes ready – if necessary.

Ingredients sliced, diced, chopped, measured and opened – before turning on the heat.

To Double Check While Cooking

✅ ✅ Timer set to keep track of cooking time – so food isn’t under or over cooked.

✅ ✅ Familiar with contents inside the guide below 👇to adjust seasoning and flavors as necessary.

✅ ✅ Ingredients stored after using – to keep clutter, and clean-up afterwards – to a minimum

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