Cooking 101: How to Hold the Chef’s Knife Safely

For the longest time I placed my index along the top edge of the chef’s knife when I diced and chopped food. It felt comfortable but it allowed the blade to easily jut out to the side when my hands or the cutting board got wet.

How to Hold the Chef's Knife Safely #cooking101

A couple years ago I changed my grip to the “Blade Grip” – a much safer way to hold and control the knife.

Blade Grip

To apply this grip, your thumb and forefinger rest directly on the side of the blade in front of where the metal flares out to meet the handle. It felt awkward at first, but now I’m comfortable holding the chef’s knife in this locked position which offers better control and balance.

The Blade Grip offers more control and balance when using the chef's knife. Click the pic for details.What if you switched your grip? What would change?

More control. Safer fingers. Quicker chopping. Sounds better than a Slap Chop!

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