Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich: Quick Win Wednesday

How would it feel to always buy the same shirt and pants? Over time wearing them would get boring right? The same holds true for food. Buy and cook the same food over and over again and eating it will get dull in a hurry. Here’s what I do when I fall into that food trap.

Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich - Simple low cost way to turn a grilled cheese into a gourmet sandwich!

I visit an area of the grocery store I usually stroll past (such as the specialty cheese section), look for an item I’ve never purchased before (in this case Gouda cheese) and think about a simple dish I can make with it (grilled cheese sandwich). Seems weird to think this would make a grilled cheese that much more interesting to eat but check out what happened.

Try sliced Gouda cheese on your next Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Just look at that Gouda – looks like a grown-up Babybel with its red wax rind. I couldn’t wait to remove it from the packaging to see how it tasted. This alone was more exciting than slicing the usual Cheddar or unwrapping processed cheese slices for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Everything you need to make a quick and easy Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Using a specialty cheese feels “gourmet” and it inspired me to notch up this grilled sandwich by adding thinly sliced red onions and smoked ham.

A Golden Brown Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich can be made in a few simple steps!

All I could think about was how the melted Gouda would taste with the crispy golden brown bread, sweet onions and salty ham! With that kind of anticipation there’s no room for a “dull” food moment.

Stacked Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich from College Recipe Cafe. Easy way to add gourmet flavor to your grilled cheese sandwich!

After my first bite I literally raised my right hand and shook it back and forth like an Italian man who has just tasted a pasta sauce as good as his nonnas. I didn’t shout “MAMA MIA this is GOOD” out loud, but it’s what I was thinking!

Sure the Gouda cheese costs a little more but I think of it as treating myself to mini cooking adventure that takes me off the usual ho-hum food path. Go ahead, be bold and give this quick win cooking strategy a try and see what happens!

Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich from College Recipe Cafe

Printable Recipe


2 slices bread / $0.30
2 tbsp butter or margarine / $0.40
2 slices of Gouda cheese / $0.95
3 thin slices of smoked ham / $0.85
1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion / $0.10


  1. Butter one side of a bread slice. Place butter side down on a plate and top with cheese, ham and onion. Place second bread slice on top and butter the outside.
  2. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Place sandwich on skillet and cook until bread on the outside is golden brown and cheese melts, about 3 minutes per side.
  3. Cut sandwiches in half diagonally. Time to eat!

How to Make College Recipe Cafe's Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich

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