The Secret to Quick Healthy Eats at College: College Cooking Secret #4

The Secret To Quick Healthy Meals at College

What’s cooking?

Or is cooking the last thing on your mind right now? A better question is…what are you eating?

Pizza? Yeah you can go that route. Of course there are other options. In fact you could be done eating one helluva tasty meal before the pizza people even start making the dough for your pizza pie.

Chopped Lettuce over Pizza?

One easy way to prepare for quick healthy eats during the week is to rinse, dry and chop a head of lettuce on the weekend and store it in the fridge. All you’ll need to do, when you drag your-tired-ass-self home from class, is add toppings.

OK pizza sounds a thousand times better than eating rabbit food when you’re hungry. But look at the chopped lettuce as just the beginning my starving friend. You’ll find it has far greater potential than dough covered in delicious fatty toppings.

Salami, Olive and Cheese Salad: College Recipe Cafe

Just look how good chopped lettuce looks when topped with cucumber, sliced Genoa salami, jarred olives, marble cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Takes less than 5 minutes to assemble – see if the pizza dude can deliver your food that fast.

You know he can’t. Why wait to pay (and tip) a stranger for delivering nutrient-deprived food when you can already be finished eating a crazy delicious salad that’ll help your body bounce back and be more energized?

Chopped Lettuce: The Secret to Quick Healthy Meals at College

More topping ideas: Nuts, fishy crackers, raisins, leftover taco meat with shredded cheese or leftover pierogies with low-fat sour cream. How about sliced cooked chicken fingers with Ranch dressing? Even leftover pizza cut into crouton sized pieces is awesome on a bed of lettuce.

I’m not trying to convince you to stop ordering pizza forever. Why would you do that? Pizza tastes good.

I’m passing along this tip because it goes against the message fast food companies are peddling. It’s proof you can eat well (if you want to) when you’re tired and hungry.

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