Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate – For the Holidays!

Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate

Since we can’t hand you an actual cup of this comforting Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate to keep you cozy warm this holiday season, we offer you these four easy steps to savor the flavor of the season! 😋🍫


Begin with two big scoops of your favorite hot chocolate mix in your mug (our favorite is Rolo Hot Chocolate Mix because it includes caramel flavor)! Then add enough milk or almond milk to cover the hot chocolate mix.

Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate- Adding hot chocolate mix and milk.

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Step #2

Mix with a spoon until the mix looks like chocolate mud.

Creamy Caramel Hot Chocolate

Step #3

Add enough hot water to fill your mug, and give it a stir with a spoon. Then add a small snowball-sized scoop of Cool Whip to set on top!

Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate

Step #4

Finally, drizzle caramel sundae sauce over the whipped cream – or use whatever sundae sauce you have on hand!

Creamy Caramel Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top!

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Happy Holidays!   

How to Make Creamy Caramel Hot Chocolate. Step by step!


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