Link Soup Sunday

Link Soup Sunday ~ College Recipe CafeTime to step away from the kitchen, pull up a chair, and share of bowl of link soup.

What’s link soup? It’s like Minestrone which in Latin means “hand out”. The monks called it that because they handed it to travelers to help them along their journey.

Consider me your #collegefoodmonk, here to share links that’ll help with the cooking during your journey through college or university.

One obvious question to consider, if you’ll be living off-campus over the summer or next fall, is “What are the basics needed to cook at college?”.

I like how CookingCollegeKid answers this question on his YouTube channel. He gives it to you straight (no B.S. with this guy) and provides a good list of cooking items to consider packing.

Here are a few more items I’d add to his list:

Can Opener - Cooking items to pack for college

Can opener > Easy to overlook until you return from you first grocery run and wonder how you’ll open all those canned goods.

Strainer - Kitchen items to pack for college

Strainer > To remove the water from the mass of amounts of pasta you’ll be cooking

Baking Sheets - Cooking gear to pack for college

Baking Sheets > Pack two. Double them when baking frozen food like chicken fingers or Crescent rolls to prevent the bottoms from burning.

Cheese Grater - Kitchen items to pack for college

Cheese Grater > Cheaper to buy a brick of cheese and shed it yourself than pay extra dollars for the pre-shredded stuff.

These items will help with cooking meals but you’ll also be relying on a lot of snacks to get through the day. Grocery stores offer many convenient snacks but most come with extra baggage and little nutrition. One way to eat healthier snacks is to get creative.

If the creative juices aren’t flowing, cruise Pinterest for ideas.

Apple Slice Peanut Butter Cookie

While I was there this week I saw (and later made) these Apple Cookies. To make them, simply slice an apple, spread on peanut butter and top with shredded coconut, chopped nuts and chocolate chips. Super easy to make and they taste awesome!

Apple Slice Nutella Cookie

Also made a Nutella version. They’re good too!

And while you’re on Pinterest be sure to stop by the Cafe’s Pinterest page

That wraps up the links for this week. I hope I’ve been a helpful #collegefoodmonk and given you cooking solutions you can use at college or university.


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