6 Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand at College

I love traveling and going off the beaten path to find adventure! I also love cooking with herbs and spices because it’s an adventure in flavor!

Of course, any adventure can be scary at first. But once you get comfortable with the surroundings it becomes second nature. Cooking with spices is no different. The more you cook with them the more you’ll become familiar with which ones to use and figure out how much is too much or too little.

Here are 6 versatile herbs and spices to consider having on hand at college. Choose ones that fit with the foods you enjoy eating and use them to add adventurous flavor to your meals!

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Can you freeze leftover pasta noodles? Sure can! Here's how.

Pasta, pasta, pasta. It must have been invented for college cooking. What other food can be purchased with pocket change, is hearty, and so incredibly easy to prepare?

But it can seem like an eternity waiting for the water to boil. One solution is to heat the water in a kettle before pouring it in the pot (I know…mind blowing stuff here at the cafe).

Another, cook extra pasta and freeze the leftover noodles so they can be re-heated in the microwave. Here are a few tips to consider when freezing cooked pasta noodles.

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No more buying peaches and cream oatmeal packets with those artificial peaches.

Level of Effort: Super Easy
Cost of Ingredients: $0.84
Nutrition Info (1 helping):  220 calories, 3 g fat, 5.3 g protein, 5.3 g fiber, 43.3 g carbs

What if the only cooking appliance you have access to, or feel comfortable using, is a microwave?

If that’s the case for you, then be sure to start your week by visiting the cafe because Mondays are now dedicated to microwave cooking!

To start this microwave madness I’m adding this tasty Peaches and Cream Oatmeal recipe to the menu! Make it once and it’s likely you’ll never be able to return to the instant packets with those artificial peaches again.

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