Grilled Naan Meatball Pizza

As a student, jarred tomato sauce was my go-to pasta topping of choice. It also served as a substitute pizza sauce for my pizza bagels, pita pizzas and English muffin pizzas.

I still use leftover pasta sauce the same way today. The only difference is now it’s not from a jar.

As for the crust, Naan bread is now my new favorite bread for making personal sized pizza’s. It’s soft texture is like a pizza crust and it’s amazing when cooked on the grill! The personal summertime pizza idea I have for you today is called Naan Polpetta Pizza alla Griglia! Translation: Naan Meatball Pizza from the Grill!

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College Cooking Secret #6

Saving money on groceries is obviously a good thing on a tight college budget.

Of course there are many ways to accomplish this. You can budget for groceries with apps and save money using coupons. But that’s beginner stuff.

The real secret to saving big money on your grocery bill at college requires a mindset you may already be familiar with if you’ve gone camping with friends. With it you can side step rookie grocery shopping missteps and keep more cash in your pocket!

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Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Level of Effort: Easy
Cost of Ingredients: $3.17
Nutrition Info (1 quesadilla):  393 calories, 16.3 g fat, 13.3 g protein, 3.3 g fiber, 46.3 g carbs

Hi c’mon in to the cafe!

Today we’re talking quesadillas and how making them is about as easy as it comes. The downside of course is quesadillas generally aren’t the healthiest choice. 

And that statement, my friend, has college cooking challenge written all over it! I love a challenge so today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to cook a quesadilla with a filling that’s both healthy and tastes damn good!

You up for it? To help get you started, I have an idea that’ll get the creative cooking juices flowing along with a few hot tips that’ll come in handy when you cook your quesadilla.

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